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Katie's career started in a little known town called Beverly Hills, California. After graduating from the University of Illinois, she followed the sun to Los Angeles and got an internship at one of the hottest boutique fashion PR agencies in LA, Berri Goldfarb Public Relations. She was surrounded by celebrities everyday and her main job was getting designer clothes in the hands of A-listers. However, those were the days before social media, so to capture "content" PR teams scoured hard copies of fashion and gossip magazines and would compile clip books of placements for clients. 

With the rise of social media, Katie's career took off. After obtaining a master's degree in PR & Advertising from DePaul University's award-winning PRAD program, Katie began her PR agency experience working for two top global PR agencies, Ogilvy and Ketchum. Katie is currently on the Influencer Marketing team at Ketchum helping top brands plan and execute their marketing strategies. 

Katie lives in the North Shore suburbs of Chicago with her husband Danny, son Liam  and Japanese Chin Luke. Her passion is working with consumer brands and influencers to tell authentic, beautiful and engaging stories.  

With experience in all facets of PR, Katie understands how to successfully curate and implement marketing strategy.

SHe is a master storyteller, diligent negotiator and fearless advocate on behalf of brands and influencers alike. 




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Katie's time at two award-winning PR agencies allowed her to work with some of the brightest marketing minds in Chicago and across the globe.